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    • NYU Law School2017 New York Statewide Civil Legal Aid Technology Conference
      Convened by the NYS Permanent Commission on Access to Justice, with the assistance of NYSTech, this conference will bring together leaders and technologists from legal aid providers, private law firms, law schools, corporations and the Judiciary to promote collaborative, innovative and sustainable technology in order to expand access to civil legal services.

2017 Equal Justice Conference

Posted by on April 27,2017

Co-sponsored by the ABA Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service and National Legal Aid & Defender Association, The Equal Justice Conference joins all components of the civil legal aid community to discuss and address issues related to the delivery of legal services to low-income individuals in need of legal assistance. When: May 4th-6th, 2017 Where: David […]

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Should Law Offices Take Note of Microsoft’s New Office 365 Information Governance Tools?

Posted by on February 28,2017

An increasing numbers of law offices across a widening spectrum of practice areas are looking to apply advanced technology based upon deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve their operations.  Now we can add information governance to this group if applications. Microsoft (MS) has recently announced their own entry into this sector with an […]

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Legal Justice Virtual Hackathon Guide

Posted by on October 7,2016

The Legal Justice Virtual Hackathon is a national event meant to bring about innovation and change in the justice community. The goal is to bring together people from different backgrounds to work together to build the solutions that they wish they had. MISSION: Develop technology to improve legal justice processes for those who need critical help more […]

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Microsoft Brings SQL Server to Linux

Posted by on March 9,2016

This is seismic news from Microsoft: Announcing SQL Server on Linux  

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App Store Numbers Show There’s Work Ahead for SysAdmins

Posted by on February 29,2016

Over at the Barracuda Tech Blog there’s a post up describing the explosion of spending for mobile applications, and what a sudden influx of un-managed applications this could mean for companies already run ragged trying to manage a plethora of known security threats. As Barracuda points out: These apps bring risks like malicious code that […]

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IBM Doubles Down on Investment in Cloud Computing

Posted by on February 22,2016

Via TechCrunch: IBM is making a number of business deals in the cloud-computing space, announcing a new partnership with Apple to make its “Swift” programming language more readily accessible: ” By bringing Swift beyond the client to the server, IBM is breaking down barriers between front-end and back-end development, which can provide enterprises a single language […]

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86% of Windows Security Flaws Can be Mitigated by Removing Administrative Privileges

Posted by on February 18,2016

Via ZDNet: Security firm Avecto has released a report that argues that up to 86% of all Windows security vulnerabilities could be mitigated by the simple removal of administrative privileges on enterprise workstations. The full text of the report itself can be found here:

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Microsoft Ends Support for Older Versions of Internet Explorer

Posted by on January 19,2016

As of today, Microsoft is ending support for all but the most current version (11) of its venerable, if not always beloved, Internet Explorer web browser. Of crucial interest to end-users is that this means Microsoft will no longer be providing security updates for any version of IE prior to 11. As Microsoft notes: Security […]

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Who is your second in command?

Posted by on January 11,2016

Many organizations have an IT Department. They manage the equipment, the cables, the software, and lots of other things you never see. They avert disasters, devise back-up plans, and vigilantly protect your systems data. They hold the virtual keys of the kingdom. If your organization is large enough, you may have multiple people handling your […]

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- C. S. Lewis