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Web Trackers Exploit Browser Login Managers

Posted by on December 29,2017

Another day, another online hack, or so it seems. Whether it’s the Yahoo! password grab, or the Equifax data breach, we know that we need to secure our passwords online. Just when you thought you had done everything to be save online, we now learn of one more way your data is not safe. A […]

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Critical Vulnerability Patched in Mozilla Thunderbird

Posted by on December 27,2017

Via Ars Technica: Mozilla has recently released a major upgrade to the Thunderbird email client that addresses a critical buffer-overflow vulnerability that was discovered earlier this year: The bug, rated critical by the Mozilla Foundation, is CVE-2017-7845, which is a buffer overflow vulnerability affecting only Windows users. “A buffer overflow occurs when drawing and validating […]

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Westlaw: Blockchain 101

Posted by on November 3,2017

Thomson Reuters (aka: Westlaw) has a introductory primer up on the increased use of blockchain technologies in both the financial and legal sectors. Blockchain 101 [Note: The article is partially pay-walled, so to read the full piece you will need a Westlaw login.]

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Excel Tips: Using Colors

Posted by on November 2,2017

Most folks want visual clues to make things easier to read and to comprehend. Our brains can identify and process visual clues many times faster than they can process text or numeric information. Using colors in spreadsheets can not only help us navigate, they can also facilitate comprehension. There are a lot of different techniques […]

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New Ransomware, Dubbed “Bad Rabbit”, Strikes Europe

Posted by on October 25,2017

Endgadget is reporting on a new malware attack underway in in Europe. Dubbed “Bad Rabbit”, the attack takes advantage of widely known flaws in Adobe’s Flash product to trick users into downloading a fake update from a compromised web site. Once installed, the update encrypts user files, rendering them inaccessible until a ransom demand of […]

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KRACK Attack Opens Your Wi-Fi Networks to Snooping

Posted by on October 17,2017

Mathy VanHoef, a researcher with the imec-DistriNet Research Group at University of Leuven, Belgium has released a paper titled Key Reinstallation Attacks: Forcing Nonce Reuse in WPA2 which details a major vulnerability in the WPA2 wireless security protocol. Per VanHoef’s release notes: [A]ttackers can use this novel attack technique to read information that was previously […]

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Yahoo!’s 2013 Data Breach Was FAR Worse Than Reported

Posted by on October 5,2017

Via Bloomberg: “Yahoo! Triples Likely Scope of 2013 Hack to 3 Billion Users“ If you’ve ever had a Yahoo! account, the following sentence is not going to help your blood pressure: Yahoo, the internet company acquired by Verizon Communications Inc. this year, now believes a 2013 security breach exposed all 3 billion of its users […]

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Excel Tips: Using Autofilters and Subtotal() – Part Two

Posted by on September 21,2017

[In Part 1 of this series, we discussed how to use Autofilters to manage large sets of data, enabling you to work with only the records that are relevant. In this article we will explore how the Subtotal function in Excel can leverage the power of filters even more.] Sample Data Our sample data set […]

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Excel Tips: Using Autofilters and Subtotal() – Part One

Posted by on September 21,2017

Like most programs these days, Microsoft Excel is far more powerful than most folks realize. While you may not use 90% of its power, I will share with you what I think are two of the most power features that beginning Excel users can master right away. They are easy to access and understand and […]

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2017 Tech Forward Conference

Posted by on September 15,2017

Join Tech Impact and the nonprofit community for a 3-day event to engage, learn and envision how technology can transform the way we work as nonprofits. Catered to nonprofit employees in varying roles looking to use technology in a more effective way, Tech Forward will provide a forum to encourage discussion on the need to […]

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