• Anna Steele

    Anna Steele

    Director of Consulting

    A sought-after speaker and frequent panel guest, Anna Steele is known within the industry as a trusted expert, a passionate advocate, and a brilliant strategist. She believes in empowerment through technology, and got her start in legal services technology as the Technology Coordinator at Legal Assistance of Western New York, Inc.®. While at LawNY®, she managed a number of Legal Services Corporation funded TIG projects and worked with the staff to ensure they had access to the tools they need in order to better serve their clients and collaborate more effectively within their own organizations.

    As part of Just-Tech’s Boston team, Anna is working with New England-based clients to develop and implement strategic technologies that are in line with their unique needs.

    “There’s no one-sized fits all approach to technology,” says Anna. “Every client has a very specific need, and a technology that doesn’t fit them will be more of a hindrance than a help. My goal is to match clients with the tools that are right for them, and that allow them to do their very best work.”

    When she’s not in the office, Anna is out and about: A former competitive swimmer, she enjoys marathon canoe races and water skiing during New England’s brief but glorious summer months.

    Anna lives in Newton, Massachusetts with her husband Patrick.

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