Now Hiring: Technology Associates

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About Us Just-Tech is a growing technology firm with a wealth of experience providing IT strategy, system design, project implementation, training as well as ongoing management, and engineering and support services to legal aid, public interest and public defender organizations. Just-Tech is headquartered in New York with team members and clients located across the United […]

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The Cloud: A Primer

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Introduction Unless you’ve been lost in the Outback for the last few years, you’ve probably heard someone make mention of “the cloud”. But you still may not know what exactly is meant by the phrases “all of my important documents are stored in the cloud” or “we back up to the cloud every night”. Essentially […]

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86% of Windows Security Flaws Can be Mitigated by Removing Administrative Privileges

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Via ZDNet: Security firm Avecto has released a report that argues that up to 86% of all Windows security vulnerabilities could be mitigated by the simple removal of administrative privileges on enterprise workstations. The full text of the report itself can be found here: http://learn.avecto.com/2015-microsoft-vulnerabilities-report

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