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    • Security Technology AssessmentLSC TIP Grant Expanded for Cybersecurity Assessment: Apply by Aug 6th
      LSC recently announced expanded eligibility for Technology Improvement Project grants (TIP) that allow any current grantee in good standing to apply. The maximum amount of $25,000 has been increased to $35,000 for applications that include a security assessment, an important addition given the significant increase in cyber-attacks the community is experiencing. Details on eligibility requirements and how to apply are listed in LSC’s recent newsletter.  There is no pre-application or invitation requirement for this grant. TIP applications are also simpler than a full general application to ...

New Report Shows Civil Legal Aid is Securing Individual and Family Stability, Improving Lives

Posted by on June 19,2019

From The Cleveland Plain Dealer: A new report released by The Center for Community Solutions shows how clients that obtained civil legal assistance in housing cases saw marked improvements instability in at least one of five main areas: financial, family, health, housing and education. The report is the result of a collaborative effort between The […]

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Now Hiring: Administrative Assistant (Full-Time)

Posted by on February 13,2019

    About Us  Just-Tech is a growing technology firm with a wealth of experience providing IT strategy, system design, project implementation, training as well as ongoing management, and engineering and support services to private law firms, the legal aid, public interest and public defender communities, court systems and bar associations. Just-Tech is headquartered in […]

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Widely used D-Link Modem/Router Under Attack

Posted by on June 20,2018

Ars Technica is running a story on how the Sartori botnet has been actively targeting widely used D-Link DSL Internet modems in a effort to expand its infected base and likely launch new, and more sophisticated attacks against networks and devices. What makes the focus on D-Link notable is its position as one of the […]

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2018 New York Statewide Civil Legal Aid Technology Conference

Posted by on May 29,2018

Join Just-Tech at the 2018 New York Statewide Civil Legal Aid Technology Conference! Convened by the NYS Permanent Commission on Access to Justice, with the assistance of NYSTech, this conference will bring together leaders and technologists from legal aid providers, private law firms, law schools, corporations and the Judiciary to promote collaborative, innovative and sustainable […]

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Security for a Civil Society

Posted by on May 11,2018

The Ford Foundation recently partnered with The Engine Room to conduct research on the current state of digital security within the civil society community. The report is broken into three sections: The Contextual Nature of Security – which discusses “basic understandings of digital security, consider[s] political contexts, and take[s] a brief look at current and […]

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NYC Announces City’s First-Ever Cybersecurity Initiative

Posted by on April 6,2018

Via Mayor Bill de Blasio has a announced “NYC Secure“, New York City’s first ever cyber-security initiative. NYC Secure will defend New Yorkers from malicious cyber activity on mobile devices, across public Wi-Fi networks, and beyond. The first NYC Secure programs will include a free City-sponsored smartphone protection app that, when installed, will issue […]

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Facebook, Privacy, and What You Need to Know

Posted by on March 27,2018

Last week, New Zealand student and technologist Dylan McKay downloaded his entire Facebook archive to see just how much data the company had harvested from. To his surprise, he discovered that not only had Facebook collected the identities of his friends and family from his address book, but that, for a short period between 2016 […]

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In Just 24 hours, 5,000 Android Devices are Conscripted into Mining Botnet

Posted by on February 6,2018

Via Ars Technica: A new internet worm emerged over the weekend that took less than 24-hours to infect Android devices such a smartphones and TV boxes. Once infected, the devices began mining the Monero brand of crypto-currency, and seeking additional devices to infect: Once infected, Android phones and TV boxes scan networks for other devices […]

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More Than 2000 WordPress Sites Found to be Infected With Key-Logging Malware

Posted by on January 30,2018

The security desk at Ars Technica is reporting on a new attack where more than 2000 WordPress sites were infected with malware that can capture keystrokes (and passwords) within the administrative control panel. It also installs an in-browser crypto-currency miner that hijacks the computers of site visitors to run silently in the background. Side effects […]

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Meltdown and Spectre: The Pain Has Only Just Begun

Posted by on January 12,2018

Ars Technica has published an excellent in-depth article detailing how the upcoming software and hardware patches designed to deal with the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities will likely have a negative impact on computer performance. To recap: modern high-performance processors perform what is called speculative execution. They will make assumptions about which way branches in the code […]

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