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    Jasmine Amor is an agent of change and visionary leader, with 10+ years of experience leading high-impact projects using innovation technology solutions. Her journey with the nonprofit legal services community began in 2007 in New York, when she volunteered for Legal Society’s Juvenile Rights Division. In 2009, she joined The Children’s Law Center in New York, where she served as an Administrative Assistant, Paralegal, and finally a Coordinator of Digital Initiatives. Through her work experience, she gained a macro-level understanding of legal services operations across legal, social work, and support functions, which allowed her to support their mission–to give children strong and effective voices in legal proceedings. She worked with the Executive Team, Leaders, and Stakeholders to create sustainable operations using technology and data collection practices for improved efficiencies in the business process. Jasmine is passionate about the intersection of law, technology, and data. She led the organization through LegalServer Implementation and played a key role during the COVID-19 pandemic, adjusting staff to new technological tools, while supporting staff through change.

    Jasmine received her Master of Arts in Graphic Communications Management and Technology from New York University in 2016. She a creative, photographer, and enjoys nature and travel.