• Nikki Ryanor

    Nikki Raynor

    Consultant/Office Management

    When she was in middle school, Nikki Raynor’s school district provided each student with computer access and personal laptops—and it opened her world. She was immediately drawn the possibilities that technology created, and, as she went on to high school and college, she became determined to build her life around the infinite promises of innovation.

    Today, Nikki puts her keen attention to detail and love of technology to work as a consultant for Just-Tech. With her associate degree in Business Administration, she is able to offer a unique perspective that reflects her knowledge of the changing landscape and the real-time use of tools and solutions offered to the firm’s clients.

    “Our clients do incredibly important work,” says Nikki. “I am proud to support our team as they work to provide clients with the tools they need to get the job done.”

    Nikki is an avid traveler and self-described beach bum. When she’s not taking a deep dive into the latest tech offerings, you can find her on a beach or taking a hike at dawn.

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