• Celia Matos

    Celia Matos

    Technical Support

    When a Just-Tech client faces an obstacle, Celia is their go-to call. As calm and clear as she is knowledgeable, Celia offers an immediate and thorough response to even the most complex IT conundrum. Part tech genius and part client advocate, Celia is a representation of the very best of the Just-Tech team: her work is to get clients up and running again, so that they can go about the important business of their work. Passionate, sharp and remarkably talented, Celia’s warmth belies the tremendous skill and passion she brings to everything she does.

    “Working with clients is a powerful experience,” says Celia. “They often call me in the midst of a crisis, and I know that the first step is easing their mind by letting them know that we will absolutely find a solution, and the next step is making that happen.”

    In her free time, Celia plans her next great travel adventure and dabbles as an amateur makeup artist, specializing in beauty as well as special effects.

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