Case Study Webinar: Migrating a Legal Services Organization to SharePoint

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In case you couldn’t make it to our recent case study webinar on migrating to SharePoint, the recording is now available for all those who were not able to attend. This case study, delivered jointly with Just-Tech, LNSTAP and De Novo Center for Justice and Healing, focuses on project management, stakeholder engagement, and change management. It also touches on some key considerations for legal services organizations considering SharePoint including:

  • Clearly identify your “why”
  • Identify and empower internal champions/change-agents
  • Understand what’s possible and what the limitations are early
  • Expect to make changes after launching – it’s not “One-and-Done”
    • Get feedback and make tweaks (small changes)
    • Identify “bigger than a bread-basket” changes, decide when to undertake a bigger overhaul

The webinar provided a quick overview of what SharePoint is and common uses. SharePoint was described as a collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office and how it is primarily used for content management (News, links, events, documents, …). It can also be used for many other purposes.

      • The case study included a discussion of De Novo’s initial implementation and covered De Novo’s motivation for moving to SharePoint. Also discussed was how De Novo uses SharePoint for document management, practice group sites, and integrated with a Case Management System (LegalServer).

Other helpful information shared during the webinar:

  • The implementation process and timeline
    • Who was involved
      • Working group of 6 – 7 staff across practice groups
    • Key design considerations
      • Consistent user experience
      • Allow flexibility for practice groups
    • Post Launch/Lessons Learned
    • Big benefit to have everything in one place, single version
    • Working with PDFs and managing different user expectations is challenging

The webinar concluded with a case study on refining and improving SharePoint usage and conluded with questions from attendees.

Tune in to the webinar recording posted on LSNTAP’s YouTube channel or via direct link to the recording.



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