Recap of Ethics of AI Webinar

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Did you miss our webinar on the Ethics of AI held on December 13th, 2023? Here’s a recap:

Shellie Reid, Program Manager at LSNTAP, and Ellen Samuel, Director of Consulting at Just-Tech, delved into the ethical considerations surrounding AI in the legal sector. They explored its potential to streamline tasks, save time, and reduce costs, while also addressing the risks associated with misinformation and regulatory compliance. Moreover, they emphasized the importance of AI policies, data privacy protections, and security measures.

AI, as a tool, mirrors human problem-solving and learning processes. It enhances efficiency by summarizing large datasets, providing insights, and identifying critical case elements. Attorneys can leverage AI for legal forecasting, predicting case outcomes based on historical data and guiding strategy development. Furthermore, AI facilitates resource allocation, contract review, due diligence, and multilingual translation.

Quick Tips: 

  • Calendaring: AI can be integrated into some case management systems to automate document organization and deadline tracking.
  • Predictive Analytics: Programs exist that can forecast judicial decisions based on case analysis.
  • Resource Allocation: Optimize internal resource usage through AI-driven predictions.
  • Contract Review: Employ AI for pattern recognition and issue identification in contract analysis.
  • Translation: Use AI translation for cost-effective multilingual content production, supplemented by expert verification.


  • Exercise caution with confidential information; users may violate the Rules of Professional Conduct of their jurisdiction and risk a breach of confidentiality by using AI without understanding how that information is stored and used.
  • Users should be aware of limitations in AI legal research due to outdated training data; users must always ensure that any cited law exists, is current and relevant, and has not been overruled.

Check back soon – we have an Ethics of AI Part 2 scheduled for April 16 where the focus is on best practices and drafting AI guidance for use in firms.

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