Is Your Home Internet Secure? Probably not… but it can be.

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Donald G. Carder


Paul Wagenseil at Tom’s Guide has written an insightful article on home internet security identifying some of the dangers introduced by “commodity” hardware such as routers provided by ISPs and big-box commercial retailers.

The problem with a lot of commodity hardware is that manufacturers often take an overly simplistic approach to design and security in an effort to not overwhelm potential customers with what can be an alarming level of technical detail. Unfortunately, some of these approaches are too simplistic, and can actually open up home networks to sophisticated attacks up to and including direct remote control.

Paul’s article outlines some of the more risky practices, identifies the kinds of equipment you should avoid, and offers some practical tips on how to adjust configurations to mitigate additional risks.

Your router’s security stinks: Here’s how to fix it.

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