2022 LSNTAP Legal Aid Security Toolkit

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Just-Tech is excited to announce the 2022 Legal Aid Security Toolkit, which was published in partnership with the Legal Services National Technology Assistance Project (LSNTAP).  In the past year, we have seen a real need for better cybersecurity practices in the legal aid community, amidst increasing attacks from bad actors. The purpose of this toolkit is to help legal aid programs assess their security practices as organizations and individuals, as well as provide information on how to enhance their security practices.

The 2022 Legal Aid Security Toolkit has two components: self-assessments and documentation on various factors that impact cybersecurity practices. Two self-assessments are provided – one for organizations and one for individuals.

The self-assessment for organizations evaluates a legal aid organization’s current security practice and provides recommendations on how they can be improved. The self-assessment for individuals provides insight on how secure their personal tech practices are regarding mobile phones, tablets, desktop, etc. After the self-assessments, the reader can dive into more detailed content about specific cybersecurity related topics.

The organizational self-assessment is a 10-minute questionnaire with 23 questions that reviews an organization’s cybersecurity practices and policies.  These questions should be answered by an organization’s management or IT team and covers a variety of topics. The resulting PDF with the organization’s responses and recommendations serves as a useful guide for internal conversations regarding cybersecurity for a Legal Aid organization.

The individual self-assessment is a 7-minute questionnaire split into two sections. The first section is The Basics which ask generalized questions regarding how secure your personal devices are and what antivirus software you use. The second section is Next-Level which ask more in-depth questions regarding the types of applications you use and how securely you store data on your personal devices. After the assessment is complete, a PDF with your responses and recommendations on how you can improve your security practices can be downloaded.

The 2021 Legal Aid Security Toolkit is presented in conjunction with the 2021 Seasons of Security  Webinar Series hosted by LSNTAP. We are excited about releasing the toolkit for the legal aid community and believe it will help increase the community’s level of cybersecurity preparedness. Get started today with the organizational self-assessment or the individual self-assessment.

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