LSC TIP Grant Expanded for Cybersecurity Assessment: Apply by Aug 6th

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LSC recently announced expanded eligibility for Technology Improvement Project grants (TIP) that allow any current grantee in good standing to apply. The maximum amount of $25,000 has been increased to $35,000 for applications that include a security assessment, an important addition given the significant increase in cyber-attacks the community is experiencing. Details on eligibility requirements and how to apply are listed in LSC’s recent newsletter. 

There is no pre-application or invitation requirement for this grant. TIP applications are also simpler than a full general application to LSC’s Technology Initiative Grant (TIG) program.  

The deadline for application is August 6th, 2021. 


You don’t have to be a technology expert.  

The right technology services partner can help navigate grant applications in addition to conducting the assessments that serve as the foundation for creating a sustainable technology roadmap. The roadmap will serve as a guide for improving your clients’ access to high-quality legal assistance through secure, integrated, and well-managed technology infrastructure. 

Non-profit providers should have access to great tech too. 

Why shouldn’t your program have access to the reliable, current technology that for-profit firms rely on every day? The information gathered by these TIP funded assessments helps make the case to funders about the need for investments in secure technology and helps boards and executive leadership quantify the investment required. 

Don’t know where to start? 

Contact Just-Tech. Our team of legal tech specialists has helped many non-profit legal services organizations successfully traverse the grant application process and is the nation’s leading provider of tech assessments for the legal aid community. We’ve also helped implement many of the best practice improvements to place providers on a sustainable and more functional technology path. 

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