Join Just-Tech for MIE’s Cyber Risk Management Virtual Training Series

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Due to the pandemic and shift to remote working environments, there has been a significant growth in cybersecurity risks and potential threats. Technology and best practices have been developed in order to reduce the risk of successful breaches as well as their impact on your organization. After a series of security incidents at non-profit organizations, we feel that it is essential to raise awareness and provide professional recommendations.  

The key to protecting your organization is to stay informed and educated on the various aspects of cyber risk management and actionable steps that you can take. Cybersecurity breaches can disrupt client services and become a financial burden. Do you have a risk management strategy? 

Just-Tech is partnering with Management Information Exchange (MIE)* to present 3 one-hour virtual training seminars on Cyber Risk Management. We will be covering a series of topics that include: legal aid cybersecurity, liability insurance, security-related management practices, on-site and cloud technologies, ethical implications and risk responsibilities. 

These sessions are designed for Executive Leadership including your Executive and Deputy Directors, Board Chair, and accidental tech managers. 

Below are the available seminars and registration details: 

Part I: Legal Aid Cybersecurity 101 and Cyber Liability Insurance 

Wednesday, June 23, 2021, 2:00 PM Eastern Time 

This session will cover current cybersecurity risks, and the technologies and strategies that help manage those risks, as well as insurance options and benefits that providers should consider. The session will also cover the basics of cyber liability insurance, why organizations purchase it, typical costs of a cyber incident, what organizations can do to help ensure their policies get renewed and their premiums don’t skyrocket.   


  • Molly French, PMP, Technology Manager, Colorado Legal Services 
  • Joseph Melo, Director of Engineering, Just-Tech 
  • Chas Bellingrath, Partner & Cyber Practice Leader, ARC Excess & Surplus of MA LLC 

Moderated by John Greiner, President, Just-Tech 


Part II: Cybersecurity in Context for 2021 and Beyond 

Thursday, June 24, 2021, 2:00 PM Eastern Time 

This session will share insights on security-related management responsibilities from programmatic, operational, technology, and funder perspectives. Standards and expectations you should understand will be provided. This session will address how providers manage their technology systems and the associated cybersecurity risks, how they plan and budget for technology, the challenges of building a security culture within their organizations, how cyber risks have changed their practices and priorities, and how to ensure provider tech staff and contractors have the cybersecurity skills and capacities needed to manage day-to-day operations.   


  • Dina Brownstein, IT Director, Greater Boston Legal Services 
  • Patrick M. Cicero, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network 
  • David Bonebrake, Program Counsel, Legal Services Corporation 
  • Jada Breegle, Chief Information Officer, Legal Services Corporation 

Moderated by John Greiner, President, Just-Tech 


Part III: Ethical Implications for Cybersecurity and Risk Responsibilities Roundtable 

Friday, June 25, 2021, 2:00 PM Eastern Time 

This session will start with a primer on the ethical implications of the rules of professional responsibility for attorneys and law firms managing cyber risks. The second part of the session will be a roundtable discussion with program leaders focusing on the evolving responsibilities in cybersecurity, and practical guidance on meeting those responsibilities while minimizing disruptions. The panel will discuss the roles of executives, supervisors and staff in developing and maintaining better security practices, the nexus of cybersecurity with disaster response and business continuity, how board members may be brought into the discussion, and how to integrate cybersecurity into broader program planning and client service delivery. 


  • Phong Wong, Pro Bono Director, Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles 
  • Lewis Creekmore, Executive Director, New Mexico Legal Aid 
  • Liliana Ibara, Deputy Director, Greater Boston Legal Services 
  • John N. Gallo, CEO/Executive Director, Legal Aid Chicago 
  • Greg L. Landry, Executive Director, Acadiana Legal Services Corporation  

Moderated by John Greiner, President, Just-Tech 


Visit MIE’s Cyber Risk Management page for registration and session details 


Management Information Exchange (MIE)* 

MIE’s mission is to promote excellence in management to ensure high quality advocacy on behalf of low-income people.  MIE is a nonprofit organization that advances best practices and innovation in leadership, management, supervision and fundraising by supporting a full and free exchange of ideas and providing training, consulting and a flagship journal for the legal aid community. 

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