One-Day Virtual Cyber Security Summit for Legal Aid Groups, Pro Bono Firms, Non-Profits, and Law Firms

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Join Just-Tech at a one-day virtual Cyber Security Summit organized for Legal Aid Groups, Pro Bono Firms, Non-Profits, and Law Firms! This event is co-hosted by Albany Law School in collaboration with GlobalCISO Leadership Foundation, Just-tech, RiskProfiler.io, and ProBono.Net. The Summit will provide guidance on Cyber Security best-practices in the legal field, as well as the […]

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LSC TIP Grant Expanded for Cybersecurity Assessment: Apply by Aug 6th

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LSC recently announced expanded eligibility for Technology Improvement Project grants (TIP) that allow any current grantee in good standing to apply. The maximum amount of $25,000 has been increased to $35,000 for applications that include a security assessment, an important addition given the significant increase in cyber-attacks the community is experiencing. Details on eligibility requirements and how […]

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Join Just-Tech for MIE’s Cyber Risk Management Virtual Training Series

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Due to the pandemic and shift to remote working environments, there has been a significant growth in cybersecurity risks and potential threats. Technology and best practices have been developed in order to reduce the risk of successful breaches as well as their impact on your organization. After a series of security incidents at non-profit organizations, we feel that it […]

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