Non-Profit Legal in Hackers’ Crosshairs: Top signs you’re a spear-phishing target and how to defend yourself

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People are often the weakest link when it comes to being a target for cyber criminals, so it’s important to know the signs in order to avoid becoming a victim of email-based scams.  Background  Globally, the rate of email spam and phishing remained high in the second quarter of 2020. Roughly 50 percent of all email traffic was spam related. To make […]

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Security for a Civil Society

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The Ford Foundation recently partnered with The Engine Room to conduct research on the current state of digital security within the civil society community. The report is broken into three sections: The Contextual Nature of Security – which discusses “basic understandings of digital security, consider[s] political contexts, and take[s] a brief look at current and […]

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Facebook, Privacy, and What You Need to Know

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Last week, New Zealand student and technologist Dylan McKay downloaded his entire Facebook archive to see just how much data the company had harvested from. To his surprise, he discovered that not only had Facebook collected the identities of his friends and family from his address book, but that, for a short period between 2016 […]

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Web Trackers Exploit Browser Login Managers

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Another day, another online hack, or so it seems. Whether it’s the Yahoo! password grab, or the Equifax data breach, we know that we need to secure our passwords online. Just when you thought you had done everything to be save online, we now learn of one more way your data is not safe. A […]

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The Equifax Breach: What You Should Do

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The Equifax data breach affects some 143 million people, or, once you [hopefully] factor out children and people with supposedly no credit history to track, roughly 44% of the total population of the United States. Should you be alarmed? Yes. Absolutely. But what practical steps can you take now to protect yourself, or minimize the […]

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