Non-Profit Legal in Hackers’ Crosshairs: Top signs you’re a spear-phishing target and how to defend yourself

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People are often the weakest link when it comes to being a target for cyber criminals, so it’s important to know the signs in order to avoid becoming a victim of email-based scams.  Background  Globally, the rate of email spam and phishing remained high in the second quarter of 2020. Roughly 50 percent of all email traffic was spam related. To make […]

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Disaster To-Go Bags and Technology

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After the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, we’re looking at Irma coming into Florida (and other states) in the next few days. While people who live in hurricane areas should be ready to evacuate in the face of storms, everyone everywhere would do well to have a “To-Go” or “Bugout” Bag at the ready (wildfires, blizzards, […]

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