LSC TIP Grant Expanded for Cybersecurity Assessment: Apply by Aug 6th

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LSC recently announced expanded eligibility for Technology Improvement Project grants (TIP) that allow any current grantee in good standing to apply. The maximum amount of $25,000 has been increased to $35,000 for applications that include a security assessment, an important addition given the significant increase in cyber-attacks the community is experiencing. Details on eligibility requirements and how […]

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I.T. Spending versus Budgeting

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As a IT professional, working for many different types of companies and organizations, you get the feeling you’re a bird on the window sill, peering in, observing the culture, watching the daily workflow; not fully understanding it, yet somehow a part of it, unseen in the background. Over the course of the past twenty years, […]

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Funding Technology Projects & Services

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It is an understatement to say that legal services firms operate on tight budgets.  With the focus on client legal services and the need for those services grossly outstripping the supply, it is hard for organization executives to dedicate additional dollars for technology expenses over hiring or retaining another lawyer or paralegal. The reality is organizations […]

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